Important Dates in Morocco's History:

 A Useful Timetable
The creation of a Moroccan State 

683-732: Islam enters in Morocco under Okba Ibn Nafi and in Andalusia under Tarik Ibn Ziad. 

788: Morocco becomes an Islamic State with the arrival of Moulay Idriss I, founder of the Idrissides Dynasty

808: Establishment of the city of Fez. 

1055-1147: Reign of the Almoravides Dynasty, originating from the Sahara. 

1070: Establishment of the City of Marrakesh

1130-1269: Reign of the Almohads Dynasty, originating from the Masmouda tribe (Atlas). 

1258-1465: Reign of the Merinides Dynasty, originating from the Sahara. 

1520-1660: Reign of the Saadians Dynasty, originating from Sakiet El Hamra (Sahara) and the Region of Draa. 

1578: The Oued Al Makhazine Battle (or the Battle of The three Kings). 

From the advent of the Alaouite Dynasty to the Protectorate  

1660-1664: Advent of the Alaouite Cherifian Dynasty

1664-1672: Reign of Moulay Errachid (unifier of Morocco). 

1672-1727: Reign of Moulay Ismail, founder of the city of Meknes (then capital of Morocco). 

1757-1790: Reign of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah. During his reign, Morocco was the first country to recognize the 
United States of America as a sovereign state. 

1822-1859: Reign of Moulay Abderrahmane (start of the French occupation of Algeria). Morocco strongly supported the Algerian resistance movement led by Emir Abdelkader. 

1859-1873: Reign of Mohammed IV. 

1873-1894: Reign of Moulay Hassan I. 

1894-1908: Reign of Moulay Abdelaziz. During this period, the Moroccan Sahara was shared out, under a secret treaty, 
between France and Spain (1904); the Algesiras Act was signed in 1906 and Casablanca was attacked by the French in 1907. 

Morocco under the Protectorate 

1912: The Protectorate Treaty dividing Morocco into French, Spanish and international zones of influence was signed on March 30,1912 by the Sultan Moulay Abdelhafid. 

1912-1927: War of The Rif with Abdelkrim Al Khattabi, under the Reign of Moulay Youssef during which the Moroccan people strongly opposed French and Spanish occupation. 

Nov 18, 1927: Enthronment of His Majesty Mohamed V at the age of 18. Under his rule, Morocco engaged in the decisive battle for independence. 

July 9, 1929: Birth of His Majesty King Hassan II. 

Jan 11, 1944: Presentation of the "Independence Manifesto", demanding recognition of the independence of Morocco, its territorial integrity and its national sovereignty as embodied by His Majesty King Mohammed V. 

April 9, 1947: Trip by His Majesty Mohammed V to Tangier during which he delivered a historical speech which marked the revival of the national conscience and resistance to foreign occupation. 

Aug 20, 1953: Exile of the late King Mohammed V and the Royal Family to Madagascar. Beginning of the "Revolution of 
the King and the People". 

Nov 16, 1955: Return from exile of the late King Mohammed V and his family. 

March 2, 1956: Signing of "Celle-Saint Cloud" agreements recognising the Independence of the Kingdom of Morocco. 

April 7, 1956: Signing an agreements with Spain, putting the end of the Spanish protectorate over the Moroccan Northern provinces. 

April 22, 1956: Morocco becomes a member of the United Nations Organisation. 

Constitution of a Modern State 

1958: Recovery of the Province of Tarfaya (under Spanish rule). 

Feb 26, 1961: Death of His Majesty Mohammed V. His Majesty King Hassan II received the pledge of allegiance. 

March 3, 1961: Enthronment of His Majesty King Hassan II. 

Nov 6, 1975: The Green March : 350,000 volunteers crossed the artificial borders between the mother land and the Sahara. 

Nov 14, 1975: Signing of the Madrid Accords whereby Morocco restored its sovereignty over the Sahara. 

Feb 17, 1989: Signing of the Treaty establishing the Arab Maghreb Union (U.M.A), in Marrakesh. 

May 1990: His Majesty announced the establishment of an Advisory Council for Human Rights. 

Sep 4, 1992: Referendum to amend the 1972 Constitution. 

April 15,1994: Ministerial Conference(GATT) held in Marrakesh: the world trade Organization is born. 

Oct 29,1994: Economic Summit on the Middle East & North Africa held in Casablanca. 

Dec 13, 1994: 7th Islamic Summit Conference held in Casablanca. 

Sep 1996: Referundum for the constitution of two Chambers: the Chamber of the Representatives and the Chamber of the Councellors. 

Nov 14, 1997: General Elections. 

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