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Historical Background



    S&B CREATION is a Morocco-based Limited Company that creates, commercializes and
        distributes board games.

    It was founded in 1992 by Youssef Benamour and Abdeslam Sijelmassi, while they were still
        students at the University Paris Dauphine.
    The two founders created the game Le Voyageur, a number one best-seller game in Morocco for
        several years.

    In total, several thousand games were produced and distributed throughout the country.

    In 1993, the game Le Voyageur gained a national recognition when it was adapted on TV as a daily
        broadcast on the main Moroccan television.

    In 1995, S&B Creation launched a nation-wide co-branding advertising campaign in partnership
        with a major Moroccan dairy company.  At the end of the campaign, more than 5 million boxes of
        the international brand name, KIRI, have been sold by the company. The campaign was a total

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