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My Favorite Sites on Morocco

Listen to The Call to Prayer
The call to prayer calls Muslims to pray five times a day.
The Kingdom of Morocco: Official site of the Moroccan Ministry of  Communication
General News
  • Medi 1: The largest privately-owned radio station in Northern Africa
  • 2M: The 2nd Moroccan TV channel
  • Africanews: Current news in English from Morocco and all of Africa
  • Maghreb Net: Current News, Virtual Tour of Morocco, Companies, Practical Information, Chat, Bulletin Boards, Screen Savers.
Useful Information
  • Moroccan Scientific Association - Moroccan Scientific Association. Great place to see wonderful pictures of Morocco and read more about it too (French and English).
The Telecommunications Sector
in Morocco
  • ONPT: Office National des Postes et Telecommunications
  • AT&T to provide Morocco with adavanced telecom infrastructure
On-Line Business Information
  • Royal Air Maroc: The Largest National Carrier: Wonderful Pictures, culture, cooking, travel arrangements and more.


Morocco: Aspects of its Culture
Historical Background: Important Dates in Morocco's History
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