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My Interests

TELECOMM        &        TELECOMMUNICATIONS        &        TELECOMM
Why Am I Interested in the Telecommunications Industry?

Because today, a telecomm business leader cannot think about telecommunications without having an international perspective. When one talks about telecommunications one refers to building a smaller planet by using better, faster, and more reliable technologies. My international background can be very critical for those needing to expand internationnally but do not have the cultural and language expertises. 

Because my entrepreneurial background improved dramatically my ability to adapt and succeed in a highly challenging and unstable environment. To better utilize my skills, I need to work in a constantly evolving indsutry where uncertainty is the rule. 

Because my multimedia background initiated me to the fascinating concept of telecomm convergence. Tomorrow, the user of an electronic device will be an active user who will decide whether she/he wants to receive the information requested by voice, image, or writing. Or any combination of the three. 

Because I believe that the current development of the telecomm industry is the single most important chance that the developing world has to reduce the gap of development between the North and the South.  My Personal long-term objective is to help make an impact on these nations and be part of the current revolution. 

Some of My Favorite Authors: 

In the Philosophy and Human Sciences Fields: 
- Hermann Hesse - Stefan Zweig - Khalil Gibran 

In the Self-Improvement Field: 
- Dr. Stephen Covey - Dr. Richard Carlson - Dale Carnegie 

In the Business Field: 
- Tom Peters - Stephen R. Covey - Brian Tracy 

Some of My Favorite Classical Music Composers: 

- Johann Sebastian Bach 

- Sergei Rachmaninov 

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

- Giovani Battista Pergolesi 

Report on the History of Radio Broadcasting in Morocco 
(Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in having a copy of this Report)
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